Reasons to Choose Our Company


Softserve as ERP Partner with more than 10 years in the same market and Microsoft partner company is more likely to provide long term value for Customers. As our customers business grows, the business system needs will change, that is a fact of life. A Partner with good knowledge and experience in the industry will be able to provide guidance

Our consultants aware of a changes in accounting standards, reporting standards changes, or changes being made by your vendors and customers on how data is transmitted. A good reliable ERP partner will be aware of these potential changes. We configure the Dynamics ERP system to handle the new requirements without major changes to your system.


There is no substitute for actual industry experience. Choosing an ERP Partner with experience – not just with the software, but specifically with how to make it for your unique requirements. Our senior consultants earned the knowledge through years of on the job experience in diversified industries They do not waste time to discover intricacies of your specific industry, but they would share the right experience they gained working in other industries.


Softserve implemented Dynamics ERP in multiple, diversified industries. We are already working with customers in your same industry. This ensures that your system will be configured in way that will make it easy to incorporate expected changes.

We maximum use the tried and tested, globally adopted Dynamics NAV standard functionality to implement business process. If customizations needed, those are also built on top of the NAV functions, without much deviating from its core process modules. This makes the application modules support business reliable in terms of accuracy, zero errors and high performance.  

Professional Team

Softserve provides an atmosphere where people can learn and grow in their career. Joining Softserve, translates them into continual opportunities to expand on what they can do. Our staff come together with a depth of consulting and technology skills and backgrounds to create talented team of problem-solvers. They work together in teams with the subject matter experts (SME) of the client organization, build business models and implement the same so that clients gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Currently, Softserve has consultants who are Sri Lankan origins with ability to communicate in English and Sinhala fluently and some can communicate in Tamil language as well. Consultants specialized in Microsoft Dynamics NAV® Functional, Development, Training and Project management capabilities with the necessary Microsoft certifications. Softserve ensures that all employees receive intensive training in the latest version of Microsoft NAV and its verticals on functional, as well as Technical. Learning through exploration and continues knowledge sharing are the key strengths of our workforce.

    Softserve (Private) Limited, is Microsoft Partner company in Sri Lanka. We are authorized on selling product licenses and focus on provide consulting services that covers Microsoft core family products

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